Friday, February 1, 2013

SFR Brigade Presents (2/1/13)

The Science Fiction Romance Brigade is hosting a blog-hop in which all participants post a snippet from a SFR novel or manuscript. Whether you are curious about science fiction romance or an avid fan, this is your chance to get a taste of what is available or soon to come. And it's absolutely free!
My first entry is science fiction romance - very, very old-style. It's from my Victorian Science Fiction (also known as Steampunk) manuscript, "The Love and Legacy of Sylvia Long." To give you an idea of the story, here is a short summary:
Moments from being married to the man of her dreams, Sylvia Long is abducted by Gabriel Villeroi, leader of an unorthodox band of explorers known as S.N.U.F.F., the Society of the Novel, the Unorthodox, the Fantastic, and the Futuristic. Swept into a world of invention and the supernatural, Sylvia discovers some extraordinary truths about her past as well as a growing affection for Gabriel. Together they must face the horrors and wonders of legend in order to save the world. And yet they find the greatest threat of all is not fantasy but very real indeed.
The following scene takes place immediately after Sylvia's abduction by Gabriel:

“This is the second time you have alluded to this substantial offer of yours. I tell you no matter what it entails, it interests me not. Your offer – and you – can go to the blazes. If you have any sense of decency, you will let me go.”
“I have concluded the opportunity I am proffering must be seen to be believed.” He pushed away from the wall to approach the bedside. Then he leaned in, lifting a platinum tress from my shoulder and rubbing it between his fingertips. “You will have to suffer my presence a bit longer,” his long-lashed eyes met mine, “my decency be damned.”
I had provoked him. The last thing I needed to do was make this man angry or spiteful. He had already kidnapped me, what he would do next? I tried another tactic. “Sir, please, I didn’t mean my harsh words. I promise no retribution if you will just let me go. I beg you to do so.”
He stepped back, releasing my hair. “Cease your pleas, Sylvie. Nothing you can say will change our current course. I am obliged to show you what is yours by right. It is my duty. You cannot dissuade me.”
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  1. He's tender with her even as he goes against her wishes. Delicious conflict must come from this.
    :-) Thanks for the excerpt.

  2. Interesting twist at the end, "hers by right"...makes me want to keep reading for sure!

  3. She's rude and he approaches her gently; she's polite and he backs off. Interesting dynamic! I wonder if it's meant to foreshadow his inner violence?

  4. I get the impression he is really doing her a good deed!. Loved it.

  5. I love your voice here! It's very period for the Victorian setting!

  6. The 'Victorian' style of speech comes through loud and clear, Sarah. Good job!

  7. Hmmm, obliged to show her what's hers by right...Very intriguing!

  8. Love the rhythm and flow of the scene and the distinct dialogue. Wonderful little hint of a mystery to come, too.

  9. He is a cad, is he not? Interesting.