Sunday, November 6, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday 11/6

This week, another excerpt from my young adult futuristic romance, BITERS. An interaction that takes place while Riley (the heroine), Trey (the hero) and Lisa (Riley's BFF), are defending Haven from a mutant attack.

Nodding towards the pile of bodies at Trey's feet, I teased, "I've killed twice as many Biters as you, slacker."
"It's not how many Biters you kill, it's how good you look while killing them,"he retorted.
Lisa piped up, "If that's so, I have you way outshined, flyboy."
"And what are you basing that determination on, comedic quality?"
"I intentionally tripped that mutant!"
"With your face?"

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  1. Hey Sarah! Love the six! Hope you have a fantastic Sunday!

  2. A great six! Love the humour :) Thanks for sharing.