Sunday, August 29, 2010

Idioms According to World of Warcraft

An avid gamer, I was playing World of Warcraft the other day when several idioms came to mind. Tongue in cheek (pun intended), I decided to change them accordingly. Here are I few I came up with:
  1. A dungeon boss killed is an emblem earned.
  2. Any portal in an enemy-won battleground.
  3. Leave no brightly colored egg unopened.
  4. Always on the wait list, never a raider.
  5. A twink and his gold are soon parted.
  6. A watched Murky never dances.
  7. Longer than a month of raids.
  8. Back to the starting zone.
  9. At a turtle mount's pace.
  10. From grays to purples.
  11. As cool as the Lich King.
  12. As mad as Illidan Stormrage.
  13. A mana tide totem raises all intellect.
  14. Recount speaks louder than Gearscore.
  15. A screenshot is worth a thousand emotes.
  16. A level 80 character is worth two in Outland.
  17. Between the Lich King and the Frozen Throne.
  18. Elwynn Forest is always greener on another server.
  19. Almost only counts if the boss dies on the next attempt.
  20. Beauty is in the eye of the one wearing Eyesight Enhancing Romance Goggles.

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