Sunday, January 29, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday 1/29

For six sentence sunday this week, I wanted to share a few lines from my YA steampunk romance, HERITAGE. Moments from being married to the man of her dreams, sixteen-year-old Sylvia Long is carried off by Gabriel Villeroi, swept into a world of invention and the supernatural...
I glanced in the mirror a second time, praying the man was simply a fabrication of the mind brought on by my euphoria. My heart fell, along with my hopes. There he was, nonchalantly leaning against the bedpost like he had every right to be there.
Incensed at the man’s lack of etiquette, I spun around to face him, nearly toppling sideways from the weight of my hair.
“Sir, I do not know what has possessed you to enter my bedchamber but it is of no consequence, I insist you leave at once.”
“Alas, Sylvie, I am neither able nor willing to heed your request.”
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