Saturday, February 9, 2013

Moo-ving In: Saturday Symbol Fairy 2/9/13

Thanks to our little fish pond, we get all kinds of wild visitors at the house: deer, coyotes, rabbits, birds, snakes, lizards, butterflies, tarantula hawks (very frightening three-inch long glossy black wasps with bright orange wings) and cows. Yes, wild cows. New Mexico is a fence-out rather than fence-in state so every now and then, we end up with someone's cows wandering through our front lawn. This week, however, the cow that stopped by decided to stay. The owner knows she is here but she is incredibly shy and with 25-acres to roam, she is impossible to find purposefully. In her honor, today's symbol is the cow.
The cow is a symbol of mother earth, female power and nurturing. It is a lunar symbol and therefore associated with creation, nourishment and rebirth. In Hindu culture, the cow is sacred and symbolizes fertility and plenty as well as strength and life.

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