Friday, February 8, 2013

SFR Brigade Presents (2/8/13)

It's that time again - already! A week goes by so fast! But like it or not, it's Friday and time for another Science Fiction Romance Brigade Presents. This week features another blurb from my unpublished Steampunk Romance manuscript, "The Love and Legacy of Sylvia Long." (Read the story summary)
In this scene, Sylvia discovers the truth about the special equipment Gabriel wore the day they first met.
“You, sir, are a cad. A…a…bounder of the worst kind. If I was not a lady, I would slap you for such an affront.”
Gabriel didn’t even deign to look up from the open tome on his desktop. “What have I done now?” He touched his finger to his tongue then nonchalantly turned a page.
I bristled, my lips and eyes becoming mere slits, my nose and fingers twitching. “I have just learned the nefarious purpose of the spectacles you wore the night we met.”
“Ah, that.” He closed the book and slid it aside.
“As if entering a lady’s bedchamber to abduct her wasn’t ghastly enough, you used your newfangled technology to see me in the altogether!”
Gabriel’s eyes met mine at last and he smiled that sly smile of his, the one that made him appear more devil than angel. “How did you find out?”
“Levi enlisted my aid to re-stock the inventory. He felt it was his duty to make me aware of the capabilities of each object. Imagine my surprise when he explained the function of a pair of goggles I couldn’t help but recognize.” I plunked my hands on my hips.
“Yes, I presume that was quite a shock.” He laughed. “I confess I couldn’t resist the chance to see your…uh…charms in their natural state.” Gabriel pushed back his chair then casually strode around the desk. He took hold of my braid from my nape, sliding its long length over my shoulder. “You are a truly beautiful woman.”
Before I could do or say anything in response, Gabriel grasped my chin between his thumb and forefinger, tipping my face towards him. Then he kissed me.
I hope you enjoyed this taste of my work. Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment.
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  1. She is to much of a lady to strangle him with them, is she?

  2. Believe I've been introduced to Gabriel before, the cad. :) Love the tone and speech patterns in this story.

  3. 'Bounder' ... that's such a great word. Good to see it put to use. She should have slapped him, I think.

  4. Sarah, I'm laughing. He's so full of him self, the sneaky cad, and she's just a plucky thing to challenge him. Love your period dialogue! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh I'm thinking quivering bosoms and pink blushes. Very nice imagery!

  6. Hahaha, got hot just by reading this snippet!

  7. A cad and a bounder. How very British